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Choose a topic to teach4 tutorial activities for each topicFrench teaching games at french-games.net

At French Games we give you FREE teaching resources for over 100 great elementary and intermediate French topics! For every topic you get 4 easy lesson activities to introduce the language, 9 fun games to get your classes buzzing, and 2 simple tests to encourage your pupils with the progress they are making!

And the best part is your pupils can continue their lesson at home: learning the language, playing the games and taking the tests! And... they really do!

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Writing test in French

At french-games.net, all our lessons, games and tests are carefully designed to encourage and enthuse pupils learning French as a second language. French Games is designed to fill in the enthusiasm gap left by teachers without the time or budget to get their pupils really excited about learning French. And it's a teaching method alredy used by hundreds of schools worldwide!

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** Pupils learn best when the learning is fun **

Yes or no lesson activity to teach French

French Games makes French fun with this simple idea: MORE FUN = MORE LEARN!

French Topics

Our teaching system divides the language into logical topics, 56 elementary, 58 intermediate, each with 10 or 20 pictures together with the spoken and written language. Choose your topics based on the age and ability of your classes. The intermediate topics are often expanded versions of the elementary topics.

Yes or no lesson activity to teach French

French Lessons

It is important that you start by teaching the lesson for your selected topic. The lesson introduces the language and the associated picture through an introduction and 3 simple, clear activities ("3 stage questioning") that gradually reinforces the target French. Your pupils should be repeating the French as much as possible as you work through the lesson.

French Games

Once your pupils are familiar with the topic pictures and have been introduced to the language, go for the games! This is where the magic of our system really shines through - the games make your pupils want to know their French, and to know it well enough to compete at high speed. Encourage your pupils to use a variety of games as they are designed to concentrate on different aspects of learning the topic language.

French Tests

At the end of class, give your pupils 5 minutes to try the 2 French tests for the topic - we think you will be pleasantly surprised by just how much you all have achieved!

Writing test in French

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