Free French games for learners

There are 13 French games designed to be easy and fun to play (and learn from!) with over 100 different topics. These online games are offered as part of a package of French learning activities for beginners which also includes simple French lessons and tests.

The games we currently offer to help your French learning are listed below and include Duck shoot, Pong and Pelmanism.

All our games are free to play and can be used with any of our free French topics. Most of the games are based on matching pictures to written or spoken French vocabulary and short sentences. You should probably complete the lesson for a topic before you play the games so that you can familiarize yourself with the vocabulary for each picture.

Most of the games are self-explanatory but we would like to tell you more about our adventure game, "The beetle and the bee". In this game you use your arrow keys to control a beetle which is trying to collect strawberries whilst avoiding some angry, stinging bees.

The beetle and the bee game to learn French @

The bees take some life each time they sting you, and you must also navigate around lots of obstacles to reach each strawberry which is also moving about. There are 10 screens to complete. Each time you hit a strawberry you have to answer a question in order to keep it... it's a good game for making you forget that you are learning at all!

Hangman is another fun game - you know the format, but you should check out our implementation - we think it is rather nice.

All the games come with an info box (like this one) and a help box that can be accessed using the info and help signs respectively on the far left of the interface.

All our games are available online and are free to use with all our topics - that is over 1000 vital items of French that are at the core of any beginning French course. Our games are accompanied by French lessons and tests to provide a vital free resource for French learners with limited (or no) budget. The details for each game are given on their own pages.

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How to use our French Games

Click on the name of a game to go to that game page with the topic you have selected. On the game page there are instructions on how to play the game in addition to a chance to change the topic you want to play with.

All our French games are quick to play and easy to understand. You need to have seen the language you are going to play with before you play the games, either at school or using our own French lessons. There is help available for all games by clicking the question mark button on the left of the interface.

Duck shoot

Play Mix and match to learn French NOW
Use the catapult to fire balls at the rows of ducks crossing the screen. Answer questions to win extra points. Your final score is based on ducks hit or missed and the number of questions answered correctly.

This is not a timed game.

The frog flies

Play Four in a row to learn French NOW
Use your keyboard arrow keys or tap your tablet screen to control the frog and catch the flies. Avoid the birds! Answer the questions to win points - you have 5 seconds only... Scoring is based on speed and the number of correct answers. Fast game, can be paused!


Play The spelling game to learn French NOW
You have 30 seconds to click or drag over 10 target objects in each level. Hitting a target gives you plus 10 points. Clicking a bomb lowers your score by 5. Right answers are +50, wrong answers are -20.

Scoring game with leaderboards.


Play Pelmanism to learn French NOW
This is our version of the classic early computer game "Breakout" (itself a development of the even earlier "Pong" game - we prefer that name) where a player controls a bar that knocks a ball or puck around the screen.

The beetle and the bee

Play The frog flies to learn French NOW
Control the beetle with your arrow keys to collect the strawberries and avoid the bees - keep the strawberries by answering the French vocabulary questions. Learning French is suddenly an adventure and each question is vital to the success of the mission...

Cat and mouse

Play Hangman to learn French NOW
Move the cat with the arrow keys to catch the white mice. Avoid the red balloons but hit the blue balloons.

Your final score is based on all of the above plus number of questions answered correctly and the time taken.

Four in a row

Play Pong to learn French NOW
Win 4 cells in a row by matching the cell's picture to the correct item of vocabulary in the list.

A quick game you can work through in a minute - also good for hearing the audio for all the vocabulary in the topic.

Sow grow

Play Sow grow to learn French NOW
Test your audio skills by clicking on the right picture for the spoken language - correct answers win sunflowers; the aim of the game is to fill the vase with pretty flowers - high scores leaderboard and bonus points available. Listen carefully!

Rock fall

Play Rock fall to learn French NOW
Test your reaction times with this short sharp game of reflexes and a bit of French knowledge - click / tap the rocks to break them and stop them hitting the road - only 4 questions and 10 points off for each wrong answer.. leaderboards available


Play UXO to learn French NOW
Match items of vocabulary to the correct picture to clear these cells revealing a large picture previously hidden by that content.

Pelmanism is an age old favourite with language teachers and students alike.

Mix and match

Play Duck shoot to learn French NOW
A child's playroom needs tidying up - put the picture blocks into the correctly labelled box to score points and clear up the room.

Simple game with nice graphics suitable for children as young as 5.


Play The beetle and the bee to learn French NOW
Guess the item of vocabulary letter by letter from the on-screen keyboard - wrong guesses add pieces to the gallows being built on the beach. Great for reinforcing the spelling of words and emphasising the position / occurence particularly of accented letters in some French words.

The spelling game

Play Cat and mouse to learn French NOW
You see a set of pictures - for each picture you are offered 5 similar texts but only one of them is a correct spelling of the words related to that picture - click the right spelling to win a point. Timed game.

Have fun!

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