Frequently asked questions

  1. I've used French Games fine but now the site isn't working properly. What has happened?
    We are frequently updating our websites to add new resources and make them load quicker. Sometimes browsers will hold on to old content rather than downloading the new material. This leads to a mix of old and new files in the browser which can break the website. That store of files is called the "browser cache".

    If the site doesn't seem to be working right, the first thing you should try is to "clear your cache" - which means delete the old files and force the browser to fetch the latest ones - this solves 90% of issues (with most websites, not just ours). There is lots of information on how to clear the cache if you search for "clear cache " + your browser name.

    If you need more help, or that doesn't solve your problem, contact us and we will sort it!

  2. What is French Games?
    French Games is a free website for adults and children learning French as a second language. It consists of lessons, games and tests to help learners improve / reinforce their beginner French in a lively and enjoyable way.

  3. What does it cost to use French Games?
    French Games is free to use for all materials at all levels.

  4. How do you use French Games?
    French Games is very easy to use - you will find help sections on all pages not only telling you how to use the resource on that page, but also giving you some background into how this activity will help with your French learning and retention. Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions for further materials we could include in French Games

  5. What French is provided by the resource?
    The French is beginner level, suitable for those starting to learn the language. The language supplied includes a lot of vocabulary plus simple sentences in the first person present tense, plus common phrases.

  6. Who is French Games intended to be used by?
    French Games was created from a teaching product we developed for primary and secondary pupils (5 to 16 years) but it is suitable and enjoyable for adults learning the language at a beginner level.

  7. Do you do websites for other languages?
    We have language learning websites for:

  8. I am a teacher - do you do any whole class games and activities? has an MFL resource for teaching called Teach French Online which uses many of the same materials as French Games. It is free to use, and is designed for whole class teaching in schools and colleges.

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