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French games for learners

French Games is a free website for kids and young adults learning French. It has a full set of free lessons, games and tests for learners to use with over 100 topics - both beginner and intermediate.

Use the options in the box above to learn or revise any topic with any activity.

Screenshot from French Games.net - french-lesson-what-is-it-activity.png
French lesson activity: 'What is it?'

Each topic is 10 (beginner) or 20 (intermediate) items of French - either words, phrases or short sentences - as both audio recordings and writing, plus a picture that clearly illustrates that language item. You can use the website both to learn new French and as a revision or practice aid.

The French you will learn here is derived from the UK national curriculum for 8 - 16 year olds but the language is suitable for anyone starting to learn French for the first time.

Learning and revising with French Games

If you are a French learner...

Start learning with French Games by clicking here (to choose a topic) or on the 'Start here' button at the top of the page. As we said above, there are 3 different types of activities you can use:

  1. French lessons
  2. French games +
  3. French tests ...and you should probably use them in that order!

If you are the parent of a French learner...

...you may want to check out our French Games parents page for more information on how your child should use French Games to enhance their French language learning.

If you are a French teacher...

...you should look at our online French teaching resource 'Teach French Online' which uses the same French materials you find here but with many more whole class activities and games plus the ability to create custom language texts to enhance the French supplied by us.

Teach French Online uses the flash plugin to deliver enhanced graphics and interactivity, and a full screen option that fills your interactive whiteboard with our beautifully designed interface.

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