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Aim: To match pictures to words
Click on a picture that you know the words for. Click on the matching words. If you are right the picture and writing disappear. If you are wrong you get a wrong sound, and can try again.
Helping at home

PELMANISM game to learn
Helping at home in French

Match pictures to texts to reveal the big picture underneath...classic patience game

With our Pelmanism game for "Helping at home" you will be learning the French vocabulary for the topic Helping at home. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 20 Sentences for things you do to help at home.

1Je fais mon lit.I make my bed.
2Je range ma chambre.I tidy my room.
3Je cuisine.I cook.
4Je mets la table.I lay the table.
5Je fais la vaisselle.I wash up.
6J’essuie la vaisselle.I dry the dishes.
7Je fais la lessive.I do the washing.
8Je fais la poussière.I dust.
9Je passe l’aspirateur.I vacuum.
10Je repasse.I do the ironing.
11Je balaye.I sweep the floor.
12Je lave le sol.I wash the floor.
13Je lave la voiture.I wash the car.
14Je promène le chien.I walk the dog.
15Je donne à manger au chat.I feed the cat.
16Je lave les carreaux.I clean the windows.
17Je tonds la pelouse.I mow the lawn.
18Je fais du baby sitting.I baby sit.
19Je fais le jardin.I do the gardening.
20Je fais les courses.I do the shopping.

About our French Pelmanism game

The standard pelmanism game that you play with cards relies on remembering where certain cards are located without being able to see their faces. This interactive version is a little different in that you can see all the "cards" from the start. The aim then is to match each picture to it's corresponding French vocabulary item.


  1. This version of pelmanism is a one player game to learn or revise French vocabulary.
  2. Our pelmanism for French is a timed game - play a few times and set a personal best time!
  3. You can switch the French audio on or off throughout the game using the telephone button.
  4. You see all the pictures on the screen from the start.

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How to play Pelmanism to learn
Helping at home in French

Play Pelmanism game to learn French

  1. Select the Pelmanism game from the games selection page.
  2. On the settings page there are brief instructions on how to play.
  3. Click on PLAY to start the game.
  4. The game is timed and the clock starts when you enter the play screen.
  5. The French audio is switched off but you can switch it on by clicking the brown telephone button. The audio will play when you roll-over any text.
  6. Select a picture by clicking on it.
  7. Now click on the French text that matches the picture you have selected.
  8. Correct matches remove both the picture and the text revealing parts of a large picture beneath.
  9. Continue matching pictures to vocabulary until you have cleared all the cells and revealed the big picture.
  10. Upon completion, you can choose an option from the green sign.

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