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Aim: To get four symbols in a row
Choose a square and click on it. Click on the matching words in the box that appears. If you are right the picture is replaced by an X. Continue until you have won four squares in a row.
Daily routine

4 IN A ROW game to learn Daily routine in French

Match pictures to texts to win 4 cells in a row from a grid of 20 cells.

With our Four in a row game for "Daily routine" you will be learning the French vocabulary for the topic Daily routine. The language you will learn is in the vocabulary list below, and consists of 20 Sentences that describe a typical day.

1Le réveil sonne.The alarm clock rings.
2Je me réveille.I wake up.
3Je me lève.I get up.
4Je prends une douche.I have a shower.
5Je me lave.I wash.
6Je me brosse les dents.I brush my teeth.
7Je me brosse les cheveux.I brush my hair.
8Je me séche les cheveuxI dry my hair.
9Je me maquilleI put on make-up.
10Je m’habille.I get dressed.
11Je prends mon petit déjeuner.I have breakfast.
12Je quitte la maison.I leave the house.
13J’arrive à l’école.I arrive at school.
14Je déjeune.I have lunch.
15Je fais mes devoirs.I do my homework.
16Je joue avec mes amis.I play with my friends.
17Je dîne.I have supper.
18Je prends un bain.I have a bath.
19Je regarde la télé.I watch TV.
20Je vais au lit.I go to bed.

4 in a row is a simple game of selecting and naming 4 cells in a row. It started as a game to play on paper called "Noughts and crosses". This game is ideally suited to learning in pairs, taking turns to name a cell. You should learn your chosen topic using our French lessons before playing 4 in a row. The game will reinforce your memory of the French vocabulary for Daily routine by getting you to match that vocabulary to the correct picture.

Some features of our 4 in a row game for French learners

  • You claim a picture by clicking on it then choosing the word or sentence that matches it.
  • Your row can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.
  • Wrong answers are ok, you just have to try again until you get them right
  • There is help available for the game by clicking the question mark button on the left vertical pipe
  • Play the game full screen by clicking the orange double-headed arrow button (flash only)

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How to play 4 in a row to learn
Daily routine in French

Play 4 in a row game to learn French

  1. Select "4 in a row" on the French games selection page.
  2. Take a quick look at the method text for 4 in a row.
  3. Click on PLAY to to proceed, or change your topic with the CHANGE TOPIC button.
  4. On the play page you have a grid of 20 pictures (each topic picture is shown twice for beginner topics).
  5. Click on a picture cell - the topic vocabulary will appear as a list beside the picture.
  6. Roll over any text to play the French audio for that text.
  7. Click the text that corresponds to the picture.
  8. If you are correct, the picture will be replaced by a blue X - otherwise, a wrong sound will play.
  9. Continue matching pictures to their vocabulary until you have completed a line of 4 cells.
  10. The line can be diagonal as well as horizontal or vertical.
  11. 4 crosses in a row wins the game and the "game over" animation will play.
  12. Choose an option from the green sign, or click on games to choose a different game.

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